The Story of How I Failed to Write


Do you wonder how some writers write so well?
We all have great ideas, but it is tough to put them on the paper. As a kid, I wrote better than I do now. This is because I used to write almost everyday, and that makes a huge difference.

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”
~ Jack Kerouac

Writing is my oldest hobby; I love the interplay of the words. When I was twelve, I wrote a poem on the divide created by religion and why a religion should not be above humans. Without my knowledge one of my friends showed it to my english teacher – also my favorite teacher. He was so moved by the poem that he encouraged me to write often. Hence started my journey in writing.

Later, I managed to write some stories and other works of fiction which were well received in my school as well as college. I even started a blog which still exists on the Blogger. The problem started when I got the job. As I moved into a totally different environment, reading & writing took backstage, and with time my hobbies almost became dead.

Now, I’ve made up mind to write again. The results may not be as good as I expect, but I’m sure if I continue the hard work, someday I’ll write better.

This blog is a challenge to write regularly, come what may the circumstances. I’ve already started writing an hour a day. If you also wish to write better, take a paper, plan out a writing schedule, and follow it. Because writing isn’t easy. It’s tough, damn tough.

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8 thoughts on “The Story of How I Failed to Write

  1. bhai,,,,,keep up the tempo,,,,,writing is not damn tough,,,it is bloody,,a pain in the —,,,,,,,but i love it,,we all love it. Only thing is we just want to write,,,but we don’t sit down and write,,,,,,,,,,,that is the only difference,,,,,so just SIT DOWN,,,,,,,AND BLOODY W R I T E,,,,,,,,,,,


  2. “It’s tough, damn tough.” lol.. Disagree Sunil bhai.. 🙂 To write, you have to have “read” enough which I’m sure you have! Writing gets into your habit gradually and remember it’s not the “amount” of writing that’ll help but rather the quality in your writing and which will improve only through introspective writing!
    All the very best!

    Cheers! 🙂


    1. Praagya bhai,
      I agree with the reading thing, but how many times do you write something and get it right in the first try? Good writing needs so much practice. You write and rewrite, and then write again. Sometimes, you don’t find the right words. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel good.

      Writing that has a meaning for you as well as others – what quality writing for me is – is, I guess, tough.
      Through reading you can have lots of ideas, but that necessarily doesn’t mean you can write good. So I reiterate: Writing is tough, damn tough. 😀


  3. Hi Sunil,

    Yes I sometimes really wonder how some writers write so well and let me tell you also write very well..

    So you love writing, I am glad that I found your blog, its really great to see someone else blogging from my part of land of mountains. I am reading it at Shimla 🙂

    Looking forward for more interesting stories from you.


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