A Lake in the Meadow

Pristine meadow surrounded by snow covered mountains. Cottony clouds running through the thick, black pine forest. A sweet, nose-pinching chill. Narkanda is a place I’ve eternal love for.

Narkanda, Shimla

On my way from Shimla to Rampur, I stopped at Narkanda for a cup of coffee. As I was early, I decided to try a different route – the lesser known one. I had never been on this route before, so some risk was involved. If it is your first time, driving to a secluded place can be risky, specially in the hills.

The engine of my car roared, and the descent began. Windows rolled down, I put on some music, and headed in search of “Tanni Jubbar.”
Narrow road guided by tall pine trees, my car descended the hill like water in a stream. Soft music, fresh cool air, birds chirping beautiful melodies, I had the place all to myself.

After a journey of nearly fifteen kilometers, I reached Thanedar – a beautiful village surrounded by apple orchards. The houses had a hint of pagoda style architecture – where the livestock stays on the ground floor and humans on the floor above.

View from Narkanda
View from Narkanda

I pulled my car to ask for the directions. A lady with her kids was passing by. Her head was covered with a beautiful scarf; locally known as “Dhathu.” As I greeted hello, she smiled in return. There is something good about the people of hills. They make you feel at home – you start believing you are one of them. You are no more a stranger. At that precise moment, you forget where you came from and where you are headed to. It is just the moment and you. This is why I love being in the hills.

As she pointed towards the direction, there was sparkle in her eyes, like tender pearls shinning bright in the light. I headed towards the direction. After a brief climb to the meadow, there in front of me was the small, beautiful lake “Tanni Jubbar.”

Tanni Jubbar Lake
Tanni Jubbar Lake

Cool wind touched the surface of the water gently, and the lake blushed like a young lady on her first kiss. As I sat there admiring the beauty of the lake, I thought to myself: What more do we need in life to stay happy?


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