Bookadda: The Biggest Indian Online Fraud


I generally don’t do negative reviews, but after so much of frustration and dejection I thought of making you aware about the online fraud named ‘Bookadda.’

Since past few years I have been purchasing all my books online. Initially there was only one store: Flipkart, but gradually the options increased.

Purchase one: Lesson not learnt

Upon a friend’s recommendation I ordered a book from Bookadda. The promised delivery time was 8 to 14 days. When I din’t hear from them for the next fifteen days, I dropped an email asking about my order. They replied that it was an imported edition hence processing was taking time, and promised to deliver the book in coming 4-5 days. One more week passed, and I heard nothing from them. Again I wrote them asking about the status. To this they replied that the product was trapped with the customs department, and shall be delivered by the coming weekend.

After few more weeks of waiting, I finally got the book – two months since I placed the order. That too in a poor condition. Few pages were torn, and the binding was too loose to hold the pages together.

Second purchase: God, what an idiot I’m

I was getting a book at its lowest price at Bookadda, and thought of giving them a second try. This time the promised delivery time was 4-6 days. I placed an order on 22nd October (transection id: 1354136120833; for the Bookadda people if they happen to read this, of which I’m sure, they won’t). After many emails & phone calls, they confirmed that they’ve dispatched my order on 25th October 2012, which I’ve not received till date. Even the tracking id they’ve provided is not a valid one.

So, what do I do now?
I’m sure there are many happy Bookadda customers out there, and that is why their Facebook page has more than hundred thousand likes. But if you ask me, I would never ever dare buy books from Bookadda, neither will I recommend it to anyone. They might have the largest collection at lowest prices, but they definitely are not doing it in an ethical and right way.

So bye bye Bookadda. I wish you guys read this review and try to improve upon your pathetic system.

Finally received the book on 09th November in a very good condition. Maybe they have read the review. Anyways, I’m not changing my mind. Bye bye Bookadda!

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39 thoughts on “Bookadda: The Biggest Indian Online Fraud

  1. They are doing big fraud .I ordered a book for NET entrance exam 2013.They sent me a old book of previous year. The book has not given any edition ( as sylabbus has changed the book is out of that however in site they gave edition as 2012) The book was published by Upkar publication .

    I tried to contact book adda many time but except some mail did nothing .
    I will lodge a fraud case in consumer court soon .Please make people aware this .

    saurav deka


    1. Dear Saurav,
      That was so disappointing. Now I’m confident that there are many customers like us who are victims of BookAdda.
      You are right, we need to make people aware of the fraud.


      1. Even I buy book from this site and suffering at least you people got your books which you order I have already paid for my book but still doesn’t get it neither they replying my email or picking up calls


    2. Dont purchase any book.Biggest Cheat/Fraud company! ! Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!
      One of the most Cheater company please dont purchae any book withot cash on delivery facility


  2. I, too, am one of their victims. The website guaranteed deliv ery in 2-4 days. Its a week and when queried by email I was told that the books are still ‘Under Procurement’. When I called, customer service said books are being dispatched that day. Have not heard back.

    Its an online fraud – no less.


  3. I restore Vintage Cars. Manuals & Tech. Books on the subject help me very much in my work. I had ordered 2 books of VW Beetle. For d 1st, I made advance payment through my Debit Card, for 2nd book by COD. Both books were delivered in stipulated timeframe & recd. in excellent condition. SO Far they hv efficiently delivered what they promised. I think they are Genuine People.

    Cell : 9869154166


  4. Sunil – has introduced a new strategy to fool the new customer.

    “Discount Coupon of Rs. 5/- off for Facebook ‘like’ click”

    this message is placed in cart. so facebook likes doesn’t really imply customer happiness but only a 5 rupee off.


  5. True. the biggest fraud, cheat i have ever seen. i ordered a book 8 months earlier but till now i have not received it. i made a generous follow up but all went in vain. interestingly i logged the account with my fb account. but over time it started showing that account no longer exist. Friends never believe this frauds. but overtime




  7. I fully agree is most vunerable and cheater online site I ever come across. They failed to deliver the book and was asking for higher price. When I denied it they cancelled my order. I hope now I should get my money back. Hope read these reviews before ordering and should have never done this mistake of ordering book via

    They just want to make more money after accepting order. God save other book lovers from them.


    Do research on prices of books in other sites before going to
    Bookadda is not selling books at lowest prices. I had ordered a book (Listed Price Rs. 585/-) on 14-Sept-2013. (Order Reference No. 1380567537486) Book adda had given Rs 37/- discount. The Order value Rs 548/- after the discount. But the next day I have come to know that other sites are selling the same book for Rs. 374/-. I paid extra Rs 174/-.


  9. Ohh. Hv ordered a book for my daughter with Bookadda for the first time. Came across your comment when i googled for tracking with bookadda. Hopefully i wont have a bad experience with them. Keeping my fingers crossed. Btwn like your writing style.


  10. I am happy to see that bookadda is importing amazon books &
    distributing the same. I am an author. My 4 English books(poetry) are listed on Amazon. Now the first one is being
    made available by bookadda.I don’t think bookadda is fraud.
    dr.k.g.balakrishnan kandangath(poet-INDIA)6-12-2013.


  11. I had a horrible experience with BOOKADDA (I will never recommend their service to anybody).

    The way they treat their customers is highly unprofessional, irresponsible & unacceptable.

    They have worst customer care service as per my experience (they don’t deserve term care).

    I would prefer to pay more in order to get hassle free on time service.

    They did not delivered the actual shown version of the book.

    I had raised two service tickets [#233038] & [#318438]‏ at bookadda in this reference but they have not replied at all.


  12. First of all i want to thank all the reviewer for saving my money. I want to shop from Bookadda but now i have change my plane I will go for another online shoping sites. My first impression about Bookaada is that it has a wide range of books that i could choose from but seeing the review i am shooked now the site is liked the WILD WEST!! I also want to warn all the world buyers to stay away from Bookaada.


  13. Although I was bit scared looking at comments here, i ordered through Bookada to give a try. They showed good commitment. I got the ordered book (worth Rs. 555)with just one day delay than it was informed. Well, it works at least for me! Thanks.



  14. Ohhh nooo…my exams are approaching and i have placed order of a book with bookadda…i hope i am amongst a few of those lucky customers who receive the order on time…


  15. I ordered the Crusader or Conspirator boo -coalgate and other truths. I received it on-time but the book was damaged a little. A few bruises here and there. Overall a descent experience.


  16. I have ordered a book in this site on 17April, 2014. They sent a SMS with tracking ID. Now, I don’t know where to check my order status.I googled on BookAdda site, but i couldnt find any. Please tell me how to track it?


  17. I bought a book that cost me over 2 grands from bookadda. Since it said it was a new copy I had assumed so. This was way back in Feb this year. Now as I finish the book I see many pencil marks. Clearly its no “new” and I didnt check each and every page when I got it. I mean who does! So disappointing. I could have got a brand new at the same price. I mean its Rs 2000+! And now that I called their customer care no one picks up. I wonder if the office address also they have mentioned on the site is genuine or another fraud.


  18. For better service, we have to pay high price. I hope you all must be aware of the fact about the parcel delivery system in India which is pathetic and need to be upgrade. Transportation system, cartage and increased freight charges considerably causing problem for every business.


  19. Just FYI, I have used BookAdda several times, and they have always delivered the book in good time, even in the remote place where I live. The first few were ordered by VPP, so one can understand why the delivery was efficient, but even after that they continued to deliver in time and with a better service than Flipkart. Perhaps I am also just one of the “few lucky customers”, but in that case several people I know have also been equally lucky and recomended it.

    But for the past few months, all their books have been “out of stock”, and there hasn’t been any activity on their blog and Facebook page since July. Maybe they’re shutting down…?


  20. So there are people like me. I remember I ordered a book long back..hmm..somewhere around 2012 or smthn , tragic yet the funny part is I haven’t received the book till date nor did I get a refund for that product. How will they provide the refund if they never answer their calls nor do they respond do the n number of mails that they receive for the fraud work that they advertise so confidently in a positive way. Lowest price my A@#.
    Anyways, I am glad that you did receive the book eventually. One less unethical order striked off from their books.


  21. I have paid for a book online on bookadda. Its been one and a half month now. Customer care never responded. I think I lost my money.
    People please be aware of such things. is not a website you can trust. You may feel happy if shipment delivers to you. But you never know when your turn comes like i had mine.
    Never pay money online unless you know about the websites reputation.
    All in all …bekaar – say good bye to it!!!


    1. Please don’t get seduced by their low price offers. Trying to save 20 or 30 will cost you the products price itself. Consider paying money only on trusted websites even if they charge a little bit more.


  22. So many technological advancements took place in this world only to make peoples lives better not to use them for some fraudulent activities and cheat people. It’s really funny that beggars like these still exist in an age such as ours. Lets not encourage them anymore.
    One beggar gets an idea. Other beggar implements it. They call themselves founders/smart asses.
    ————-¤¤¤( India’s Largest Online Fraud Website)¤¤¤————-


  23. I bought a book “How to read a book” by Mortimer Jerome Alder!

    I payed money throught Mobikwik Wallet of 330 Ruppes!

    While transaction is going on Bookadda said Transaction failed!

    Later My Mobikwik wallet is empty! Transaction was success! A email poped up stating transatcion is successful with bookadda!

    Transactn ID: 1428781656553

    BUT the irony is When I logged in Bookadda it says My payemnt is pending! and delivery is cancelled!

    OMG! I called to book adda number: (080)-67415556! a bot picked up the phone asking language hindi or english! thats the reply from coustmer service?

    I even kept email to book adda at

    But the hell they didnt even replying that email!


    1. can u guys help me how to contact them ??? they were not replying my emails nd tht idiotic phn number is just lifiting by a bot


  24. I too recently placed an order of 2 books with book adda and I am facing the similar pattern. No response to call or email, then a fake trackinf id of courier site i called courier guys and they told me nothing is registred against that tracking no. And now I feel I am duped too. I feel really bad that I didn come across this blog earlier. I hope others find it useful.
    Its not about the money but i want to gift the books to my friend now the birthday is gone.


  25. I’m really scared now. I found two books I want at a very low price and I’ve ordered it. I even called customer service to confirm that it’s available for sure. I really really hope I’ll get them! 😦

    I’ll never order again from them. I wish I’d read this before!


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