How to Find Cheapest Books Online


Last Updated: 19.Dec.2015
There are number of online stores in India where we can buy books, but none of them is the cheapest. If you find one book cheapest at Flipkart, you may find another at some other store.
Here are four ways I use to find books at their lowest possible rates. Hope you’ll find them useful.

1. Compare Rates at

India Book is an Indian search engine for books. Just enter the name of a book and it’ll search all the popular stores like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Indiaplaza etc., and give you a comparison of rates. I think it’s a great concept, and it is my most favoured method to dig out bargains. Give it a try.

2. Buy Cheap from uRead

uRead has very competitive rates, and their customer service is really nice. So do check out before you search any of the options shared below.

3. Flipkart it!

Sometimes Flipkart has lowest rates. I’ve been shopping with them since the days they sold only books. The best thing about shopping at Flipkart is that the books reach you in a very good condition. Each book is neatly laminated, and the awesome free bookmark is an added bonus. If a book is available at same rate across many of the online sellers, I would any day prefer Flipkart over any of them.

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4. Buy from

Amazon is officially here. I buy a lot of books from them (even bought a Kindle basic).
The best thing about Amazon is that they deliver books via Speed post, so the books reach you well in time. Also their customer support is very good.
Not always the cheapest, but highly recommended.

5. Buy Second-hand Online

I used to buy second-hand books from, but sadly, the website is no more active.
Here are few sites people use to buy second-hand books in India.
I’ve not tried any of them, so can’t recommend one over the other.

6. Don’t Dare Buy from

They are the worst. They don’t respond to customer queries, and take ages to deliver the books – that too in a poor condition. Please read my detailed review before you shop at

There are many more options, but I won’t recommend what I’ve not used. I’ll be glad to know about other alternatives. Please leave your suggestions as comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for more such updates.


30 thoughts on “How to Find Cheapest Books Online

  1. “Flipkart is the cheapest”??? Um.. You might (just maybe, perhaps!) want to check out! It’s waaay cheaper and just as fast. Flipkart is now just putting on airs and hiking its prices. Bah.


    1. @Becca:
      Welcome to my blog. You are right. Lot many things have changed since I wrote this post. Soon I’ll re-write the entire post.
      I’ll try infibeam, thanks for the suggestion.


      1. amazon is nw adays cheapest sir…with free home delivery..amazing customer care service…i m following them and purchased a lot of books frm them its cheapest online store..i can safely clain..and by the way e bay dont have enough collection and there price are much higher than even flipkart


    2. Totally agreed with you dear! They were charging extra Rs.50 if order amount was less than Rs.500 but now I think they have understood the cause of fall of their selling graph so they have gone down to Rs.40 (as extra charge) but still its more than what other websites like Snapdeal charge!
      Even Infibeam is good store!


    1. Welcome to my blog Shyna. What I’ve shared in this post is all I know about secondhand books. But you should try your local market too, you can find nice bargains there. 🙂


    2. Hi Shyna, This is Ganesh, CEO & Founder at – The Online store dedicated only for USED BOOKs. I assure you the quality and quick service from our side. Please check the website and you may like it for sure.


  2. Hi. We recently did a review on our ecommerce blog on the best sites to purchase second hand books online. Take a look here
    Waiting for your review on our review.


  3. Well I have purchased a lot of books from Flipkart & Snapdeal, and my words, both are so good in their services. Flipkart charges extra Rs.40 if order amount is less than Rs.500 while Snapdeal charges only Rs.30 if order amount is less than Rs.299. That’s simply awesome and their services are also worth appreciating. They deliver books in their best possible condition with their attractive bookmarks.
    I would prefer bookworms (like me) to first check out snapdeal instead of flipkart because surely you’ll find a great difference among prices.


  4. Hey sunil!!

    Nice to see such a relevant blog. Please check
    Some notable features are:

    Free shipping, no hidden cost or minimum purchase limit
    Cash on deliver no conditions apply
    100% genuine and original books
    Response to queries within a days time.. best place to buy used, second hand books.
    Cheers !


  5. Hi guys,

    Recently I got a chance to visit and I ordered a novel from that store. I was amazed with the quality of book and the time taken to deliver it. The price are reasonble and I am planning to buy few more books from them.

    Just give it a try.

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  6. Need a book? OR do you have books that you have already read and want to lend/exchange? Visit to exchange books and CDs/DVDs and help share knowledge and resources within the community.
    First 100 BLOXers get Gift Vouchers 🙂


  7. Hi Sunil,
    I would like to thank you for mentioning Friends Of Books on your blog. In addition to what you have said, I would like to add that we have been selling used books for more than five years now, and also run a online library based out of Delhi. So far the response has been fabulous.
    Thanks again for your support.
    Manish Kumar
    Founder, Friends Of Books


  8. Hello Sunil and all readers,
    Chanced on this blog today while searching for good secondhand book stores. Nice work Sunil. I would like to recommend to your readers. It is not a secondhand book store in the traditional sense. You donate your used books in return for points and you can get books using those points. I have been a user since 3 or 4 years. Have send books to the north pole and down under.:) Have receved books from US, UK Philipines and God knows many other places!! You should have a look if you are a book lover.
    Anyone here knows of They are second hand dealers. Have plenty of books and prices are very tempting. Are they trust worthy ? I’ve seen complaints on facebook. Any one knows.? I have wishlisted a few books but not sure if they will deliver. Do let us know if you know about them. Thanks


  9. Hi , i had a very good experience with mypustak . They are working on a unique idea of providing books for free. They collect books from individuals like us in form of donation and after doing all quality checks these books are listed on their website for free. They don’t charge anything for these good quality books whatever be the price of these books. However they charge 50 rupee for each books for shipping . I bought a books of programming worth around 800 bucks with them by paying only shipping charges and i got that book just after 3 days.
    However its quite new venture and their collection of books are continuously increasing. .


  10. Hi Sunil I came across your blog while searching for used Montessori books .You were a great help indeed .I'[ve often bought used books from and I must say their service,quality of books and after sale service is absolutely super !

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  11. There is a site called where you can buy or sell used books on cheap rates within your college campus.


  12. A great android application BookChor , which nobody has mentioned. Here users can buy, sell as well donate used, second hand or new books.
    For selling your books for absolutely no price at all.
    You can get books of all categories. Moreover, I saw many textbooks and novels at a price that is lower than all the other websites. You can also request a book if not found in their database. BookChor people make it available for us.
    A must try BookChor android application. Also visit their website:


  13. True.. This all provides the books at cheaper rate. But one must try infibeam. Infibeam usually puts various offers on the Infibeam bookstore. Thanks a lot for such a nice information for buying books online.


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