Great Books for Free!

I live at a small, far off place, and the only bookshop here sells nothing but school books. Still, I have access to all the great literature of the world like a denizen of the city. And I don’t have to pay a single penny for it!
Can’t believe? Well, let me explain.

Aldiko Reader for Android

Do you buy books from the local bookstores? I don’t. I find them cheaper over the internet. But, sometimes I order a book only to discover that it was a complete waste of money. To conquer this dilemma I bought an Android based tablet – a cheap one, so that I could read book previews before I buy them.

I ruled out buying a dedicated e-book reader like Amazon’s Kindle. Because with the same amount I could buy more than 40 books, assuming the average price of a book to be 250 Rupees.

Update: Amazon is officially here, and now that the price of Kindle is 6000 INR, I got one for myself. And let me tell you, it’s far better than reading on a tablet, and sometimes even better than the printed paper.

I loaded my tablet with pdf files, but who dare read pdfs? They are so boring!
Then I came through this wonderful, free app called Aldiko. Now, I had access to all the great classics of the world, even the modern ones.

Aldiko supports books in ePub format, and in this format the reading experience is as good as reading a printed book.

Aldiko free ebook

Next was finding the books. For this I found out two wonderful sites: Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks. They feature hundreds of free books; mainly classics. And if you don’t like the classics, you can anytime buy ebooks from stores like Flipkart and Amazon.

So, isn’t it great that there are people out there who are working to design apps such as Aldiko and giving them for nothing?
I feel it’s awesome; and I appreciate the hard work of the people who are giving things for free. What do you say?

PS: I just discovered that even Flipkart has free ebooks. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Great Books for Free!

  1. Hey there! Discovered aldiko frm ur blog. Thanks! I think the blog on cycling shud be worked on more. SO hows the Trek doing? What distance have u done on it?


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