The Search for a Perfect Bike


Potbellies are ugly, aren’t they? My beer belly, though in its primary stage, is a constant source of ridicule for me. Well, not literally, but it’s like you ask a fellow for a ride on his bicycle and he frowns at you. Or, you run for the elevator and the guy inside closes the door before you could make it.
So shunning all the embarrassment, I’ve decided to take up cycling to get back into shape.

Selecting a bike is a real headache, especially if it’s your first. There are so many brands and so many models to choose from. In this post I’ve shared the thinking process that went into choosing a bike for myself.

Identifying the need

This is the most important step and helps greatly in making the choice. I needed a bike for fitness and local travel. Though I’ll be driving mostly on the tarmac, I opted for a mountain bike instead of a road bike, because the condition of the roads in the mountains (where I live) changes from season to season – in the summers you have great roads and after the rains they just disappear. So a road bike won’t be able to take the abuse of the mountain roads.

There is nothing called a perfect bike – one bike can’t meet all your requirements. So I prioritized the features I needed.

My Requirement:

A bike that can work on poor roads.

Must have features:

  • Disc Brakes: As the roads here have steep descents, disc brakes will do better than the normal brakes. So disc brakes were my first priority.
  • Gears: Gears make the climb easy. And for the long distance travel, where your priority is to reach the destination anyhow, they are a blessing.
  • Front Suspension: Keeping in mind the condition of the roads here, a front suspension was a must, so that my arms don’t hurt.
  • Comfort: Initially I was inclined towards Cannondale Trail 6 for better looks, but after going through many reviews on the internet I learn’t that Trek bikes are more comfortable than the Cannondales.
  • Tyres: The tyres of a mountain bike would give in easily on the tarmac, and that of a road bike would fail on the harsh roads, so I needed a bike with tyres which have center threads designed for roads and the outer ones for off-road conditions.

There is one bike which meets all the above requirements. So ladies & gentlemen, hold your breath! Here I present before you, my new road monster, a Trek 3700 Disc 2013.
Trek 3700 Disc India

Thank you, thank you! 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Search for a Perfect Bike

  1. hi congrats for the bike.I am also looking a bike for same reason and would like to know your reviews on your bike.also which other bikes were in your option ?


    1. Hello Abhijit.
      The bike is really awesome. It’s pleasure riding it. I switched from Hercules to Trek and the difference is clearly felt.

      My suggestion to you is that if you are to drive the bike on plain roads only then you should go for the normal brakes instead of the disc brakes.

      I considered Cannondale Trail 6 but haven’t looked at Firefox, Merida, or any other brands available in the market. My advice to you is to visit your local bike station there you’ll know what you want.

      All the best. Happy riding. 🙂


  2. hi Sunil

    im thinking of buying a bike for the same reason , but im not sure which one to buy. My top limit on price is Rs10,000/-. till now iv liked Herculies and Raleigh till now. Any suggestions?


    1. Hello Prabhojit.
      There are many many options available in the market. It won’t be possible for me to suggest a specific model, but I would advise you to NOT go for any Indian brand except Firefox.
      Do visit your nearest firefox bike station, you’ll get plenty of options there. And do let me know what you bought.

      All the best.



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