Why Cycling is Good For You

Trek 3700 Disc

When I bought my Trek bike, it was purely for fun and to spend time in nature – which I love the most. Little did I know that it would change my life for so much better. Here I share with you the benefits I have reaped through cycling, in a hope that you too will take up cycling as a hobby.

1. No tummy – better health

After one month of cycling, my beer belly feels less protruded. 😀

2. Eat what you want

Yes, no more guilty feeling on having few extra Pooris. When you know you are burning more calories than you take, you can eat what you want (not to be taken literally 😛 ).

3. Better than walking

Walking is boring, isn’t it? Cycling allows us to explore new areas – that is why it was ‘love at first ride’ for me.
Trek 3700 Disc

4. Easy on the pocket

Peddling to the local market not only keeps you fit, but also helps you save money which you would have spent on the fuel. Some people even cycle to work.

5. You don’t have to stop at the petrol pumps

When the cars are slowing down to turn left or right for the petrol pump, you can keep on riding straight.

6. No toll tax

Great, isn’t it?

7. No stopping by the police

You don’t need a licence to ride a cycle (at least in India). So no more stopping by the traffic police.
Trek 3700 on the road

8. Helps save the environment

Imagine, if everyone cycles to their office, school, or local market at least once in a week, how much change it can bring for the environment.

9. No visits to the doctors

Doctors are already over-stressed. Their life would be much relaxed if each one of us starts cycling.

10. Better Sleep

Yes, an hour of cycling helps fight insomnia (medically proved, I forgot the source), and you feel so much better the next morning.

11. Better Digestion

A bad stomach is a source for all the diseases. Do I need to say more?
My Trek 3700

12. High Confidence

Cycling keeps me stress free and boosts my confidence. Now, I’m more positive in the adverse situations.

So, this is all I have for now. I’ll keep on adding points as I explore more. But, are you taking up cycling?

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17 thoughts on “Why Cycling is Good For You

      1. Sunil Ji, I have cycle since my child hood & I feel proud on riding it.I have written Two articles on bicycle BECHARA CYCLE in punjabi to promote the Cycle Riding. If you are willing , i can e-mail you.

        BHIM RAJ GOYAL, Barnala (Punjab)


        1. Hello Mr. Bhim. It’s great to know that you are such an ardent cyclists. And I thank you for the articles, but as they are written in Punjabi, it isn’t possible for me to post them here. Rather you should send them to the local newspaper or magazine and get them printed. I’m sure lots of people will benefit from your efforts.

          All the best.


  1. hi

    Nice….do you think we can meet sometime?.. i would like to hear your cycling experiences … m thinking of creating a story around a cyclist…you can write to me on the given email id or call me up on.


    1. Hello Mr. Rohit. I would highly recommend cycling. You’ll definitely love it.

      As you are based in Shimla. I would advise you to visit Amit Sports located in the middle Bazaar. There you’ll get all the brands available in the Indian market and they have bikes for every budget.


      1. Yes I visited this store and looked for different brands, even I made my mind for Trek.

        I spoke to this gentleman, now I am trying if he agrees for EMI option… 😉

        One more thing – my quest is should i go for disc brakes or not.


        1. Nice decision. I think Trek won’t disappoint you.

          If you are to ride your bike in Himachal only, disc brakes definitely are better than V brakes.
          As I’ve not used normal brake bike, I think Mr. Amit Aggrawal of Amit Sports would be the man for more advise on this.

          Do let me know about your final decision. I’m residing at Jhakri, maybe we can plan a long tour sometime. 🙂


          1. I own a Hero Honda CBZ motorbike with disc s and now I am enjoying the mountain rides of Shimla and outskirts on it for more than a decade.

            But I am an amature rider for the pedal bikes – looking at your suggestion I’ll go for discs.

            I’ll certainly let you know when I’ll go for purchase 🙂 I am not sure when it is going to mature.

            I’ll love to go for a long tour – but bike is not the only requisite for it, I am low at stamina 😮


    1. Today I booked my Trek 3700D 😀 Now It’ll be handed over to me within a couple of days.

      I was wondering how badly we’ll be missing the Suspension Lock-out feature which is available on the higher versions!


      1. Wow!!! Awesome. Many congratulations to you. I’m sure you’ll love the bike.

        I don’t think that it will make much difference to us because keeping in mind the number of potholes on our roads, we would have hardly used the suspension lockout anyways. But still, you can anytime change the existing fork and add a new one. 🙂


  2. Dear Sunil, I am armature cyclist just started 2 months ago. I cycle comfortably for 2 hours at the speed above 20 km/h. I have have started loving cycling. I am planning to cycle jaloori pass in sept or oct with my folk. I want advice from you that how hard it would be for us and what distance we would be able to cover in hilly terrain . I would look Forward for your inputs. 🙂 happy paddaling


    1. Dear Mr. Sidhu,
      It’s great to know that you are so passionate about cycling. Even I’m in love with it.
      Sept-Oct is an ideal time to visit hills.

      Regarding Jalori pass, you can start cycling either from Shimla side or Kullu Side.
      It is pertinent to have adequate stamina before you venture into the mountains. My rough calculation is that your average speed in the hills is almost half of that in the plains, and for a normal person (who is not much into sports) 30 Kms a day is adequate distance to cover. So plan your trip accordingly, and don’t forget to carry first aid & spares with you.
      For more queries please fell free to drop a comment.
      All the best.


  3. Dear Sunil,

    Totally agree with all your 12 points, I am basically from a village in Calicut, Kerala where we doesn’t have a proper public transportation and I have car and one Activa at my home for my parents, but past 9 years I am staying in metro cities and my mode of transportation is cycle, to metro station and for visiting market.
    BSA SLR Photon is my favorite brand which I can lift in hand and walk in heavy traffic. 😉


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