Some Tips for Better Cycling


After some experience in cycling, here are few observations I’ve made over time. Though they are pure common sense, still we need to keep them in mind to have a better riding experience.

1. Understand your Bike

Take time to know your bike. See if everything is working fine. Check for any abnormal sound and adjust the levers as per your need. Adjust your seat post so that you feel comfortable while riding. Know what gear combination works best for you. For clarifications contact your nearest dealer, or surf the internet, or check videos on Youtube.

2. Anticipate the Road

Look ahead for wet road, loose gravel, or sudden bends and curves. Slow down before you actually reach the bad part.

3. Shift Gears in Advance

Especially if you are about to climb uphill. When you shift gears at the last moment, you put your pedal chain into too much stress, which leads to its wear and tear.

4. Think Safety

Always wear helmet and never ride on the wrong lane.

5. Stay Hydrated

Drink before you feel, drink more than you need. Mix glucose in your bottle if you are going for a long ride.

6. Be Cautious with the Traffic

Some people drive like crazy. You are a safe rider but the other guys on the road can make mistake – always keep this in mind, and never hesitate in going off the road to give way to other vehicles.

7. Eat Chocolates & Fruits on the Go

Chocolates are a good source of energy and so are fruits. Carry 2-3 chocolate bars and some bananas next time you go for a ride.

8. Fear but Don’t Fear

Fear is good, it keeps our mind alert – fear of getting hit by some vehicle, fear of running over an animal. So don’t be overconfident, have some fear.

But don’t fear too much that you feel uncomfortable while riding. Have confidence. Confidence helps us make quick decisions in the confusing situations.

9. Stay Alert – Use your Senses

I’ve seen some people putting on music (earphones) while riding, which I think is quite dangerous. While riding you’ve to keep your senses alert. Listen to the sound of vehicles approaching from behind, protect your eyes with goggles, become alert if some foul smell comes from any of the parts of your cycle. Always keep your senses open.

10. Relax & Have Fun

Last but not the least. Don’t sit too tight, and don’t hold your handlebar as if you are about to fall. Just sit back and relax. It’s important to have fun. If you don’t enjoy it, why do it?

Did I miss anything? Share your tips as comments.


2 thoughts on “Some Tips for Better Cycling

  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful points!

    One more point which I’d like to add is – Go Slowly on stamina part.

    Don’t exhort too much initially and gradually go on increasing the length of your track.


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