Battling the Writer’s Block

Writer's block

I’m not able to write anything these days. It’s not the lack of time, as I’ve plenty of it. But when I sit with a pen and a paper, my mind runs out of ideas. It is tough to put down even the simplest thoughts. It’s like Laalu (our honourable minister caught and convicted for stealing cow’s fodder) sitting in front of a mirror with a pair of scissors and still not able to decide what is wrong with the long, wooly hairs on his ears.

It’s hard and frustrating — as it is for Mr. Manmohan Singh to run the government – and I have even made few failed attempts at writing some humour. My plight is like that of Mulayam Singh Yadav’s speech — the words come out, but they hardly make any sense.

Sir Kumar Sanu’s, “Aaine Ke Sau Tukde, Karke Humne Dekhe Hain. Ek Mein Bhi Tanha The, Sau Mein Bhi Akele Hain,” clearly indicates that I’m not the only one to battle with the writer’s block. Even the great boys have it.

One thing I’ve realized over time is that reading and writing go hand in hand. If I’ve not written anything for some time, it means I’ve not read anything either. I had started The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak, but half way through I was so bored with it that I dreaded picking up any other book.
Anyhow, I skipped the book, and to start anew, I have picked up The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein. Till now it has been excellent. Hope I’ll be able to write something soon.

© Image copyright: CP Sharma


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