The Mirror Prince

He looked into the mirror and distinctly observed his princely features: the clear blue eyes, the perfectly curved eyebrows, the broad chin, and the sharp nose. His eyes contracted, and the curves of his lips parted in a haughty laughter. He pulled the square mirror from the wall and ran into the street to confirm his identity from the first person he came upon.

In the desolate street, in a shade of a house, a conjurer was preparing his monkey for a show.
‘Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror?’ the prince asked the conjurer.
‘Mirror? What is that?’ replied the conjurer.

The prince removed the cover and brought the mirror to the man.
He was startled…. and dejected…. for he had never seen his image before, and the monkey appeared more handsome than his own wrinkled face. He distanced from the mirror and shouted at the prince to leave.

The merriment left the prince, and he turned the mirror to check what was wrong. This time, the mirror was blank; there was no reflection in it. The prince ran home and hung the mirror at its place on the wall, but it was blank still…………….

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