Why the Jackals Cry

If you have spent a winter’s night in the mountains, you probably have heard the jackals cry. It is not like a bark of a dog, or a meow of a cat, but a shrill scream that cuts through the dark and unsettles you. More so because our cinema has always portrayed the jackals as bad guys. Even our tales of horror constantly feature jackals. They add that extra fright into a horror. And why not, a night is a jackal’s favourite time.


‘Listen! The jackals are crying in the afternoon. Not a good sign,’ I told my mother.
‘They are pleading to God for forgiveness,’ she replied glancing over the rim of her glasses.
‘Forgiveness; for what?’ I asked her again.
‘They say jackals cry when they feel cold,’ she said, ‘and they plead to God to do away with the winter for the night. Next day, they promise, they’ll have a warm shelter built of their own.’
‘And then?’ I asked.
‘They survive the night,’ she replied ‘and in the morning the sun warms everything and they forget to build the abode they had promised the night before.’
‘Hmm,’ I mused sitting by the room heater.
‘And the next night, they start howling again. A Jackal’s Mentality it is called,’ she added.


By jackal’s mentality if she meant procrastination, I guess her son is a jackal too, for I’m a compulsive procrastinator. 🙂 But you for one don’t have a jackal’s mentality as you reached this far reading the post. So why not leave a nice comment?

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