A Tiny Blog in the Universe

When I started this blog in October’12, I had no goal in mind. I just wanted to share my likes and dislikes with people out there. After two years of moderate blogging, my blog is still not in the league of popular blogs with millions of page-views per week, and it didn’t manage to get any mention in the press either :D. It still is like a tiny star sitting between countless others in a black sky. And that is what it was meant to be – a small outlet for my stray thoughts. But then why not maintain a personal diary, why write a blog?

You already know my passion for reading and writing. And for the past one year I have actively maintained a personal journal – a spiral notebook – which I write almost daily. Most of the entries from the journal don’t make it to this blog, because they are either too personal or boring. Bits I feel have some value for you only reach here.

my idea smithy

Before I hit the publish button, the last question I ask myself is: what value am I offering to the readers of the post. In some of the posts I’ve tried to amuse you, in some I’ve tried to share what life has taught me, while in others I’ve simply let out the frustrations of the daily life. Some you’ve liked, some you’ve plainly ignored, but nonetheless you’ve kept coming to this blog.

My target this year is to write consistently; write things you find useful, things you could relate to. Through my efforts if I’m able to comfort you, cajole you, or influence your life in someways, I shall consider this tiny blog a success.


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