Who Killed the Writer?

A writer who has attained the pinnacle of writing. A writer who writes so eloquent sentences that they appear plain to read, a writer who is popular throughout the world, a writer who has a Nobel Prize to his credit, one June evening he picks up his favourite shotgun and shoots himself in the head. You’ve guessed it, I’m talking about Earnest Hemingway. Not only Hemingway, if you look at this list, so many popular writers have committed suicides.

Virginia Wolf Quote

I know life is not easy. Sometimes it is so hazy and muddy. We confuse our existence. Sometimes we feel that we’ve failed at almost everything we did. But why should an artist, who has reached the highest level of his realm, pull a trigger on himself? What were the torments that gave him confidence to take away his life? What was he thinking the moment he pulled the trigger?
I don’t know, I’m still finding the answer. If you have one, do share.


2 thoughts on “Who Killed the Writer?

  1. What seems like a successful life to the world might have little to do with the mental or emotional well-being of the authors in question. I think if you were to read the biographies of these authors, you might find that they suffered from a mental illness and/or substance abuse. Sadly, they seem to feel so much despair that they feel the only way to end their loneliness and pain is to bring it to a permanent end. Suicide is never a good solution to any problem, in my opinion.


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