Of Failed Goals & More

June – the month of fierce heat is ending today and the pre-monsoon rains have already arrived. There hasn’t been much of a summer this year; the day it became unbearably hot, next day it would rain and then everything would be cool and pleasant again. Now, the worry for me is that the winter is long gone, and the spring too, and now the summer is leaving too.

In the beginning of the year I had decided to read and write daily, and I mostly failed in that resolution. I had decided to write at least one line in my daily journal and read two books every month (which makes it 24 books in the current year). Now that half of the year is already gone, I’ve managed to read only nine books in these six months. And I’ve filled only 20 percent of my daily journal 😦 .

Half of the year is still left with me, and I’ve decided to not let it pass like the first half. So, I’ve realigned my goals, i.e., I’ve decided to write few lines in the tiny time slots I find during a day, and I’ve decided to read 25 pages every day, which is 250 pages in ten days – sufficient to finish a normal-size novel in a fortnight.

Now this shouldn’t be a tough goal, but the problem with goals is that I miss them most of the time. If only you could suggest a way out this time. I’m interested to know how you set and manage your goals?


2 thoughts on “Of Failed Goals & More

  1. Keeping up to goals is always a difficult task, but don’t be stressed, take easy goals first and appreciate yourself when you are done with. However reading and writing should be done with passion and not with stress. So take it easy!!
    Happy writing!!

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  2. Thanks for the valuable words Haritha. I do love reading & writing, but it frustrates me when the practical living leaves me with no time for them.


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