The Secret Life of Snails


Snails have a secret life. Like the men with extramarital affair have. That is why we don’t get to see snails except in the monsoons. It bewilders me where they thrive in between the monsoons. Perhaps they stay underground, relaxing and meditating.

Now, if I told you that humans with hectic lifestyle reincarnate as snails, you won’t believe me. But what if this were true? What if extremely busy people actually did become snails in their next life?
Idle, slow, and relaxed life. Would you accept it?

Snails are lazy creature. All day they can leisure around the most ripe cherry in your garden, or stay curled up on the back walls of your house.
But their life, though small, is like one long meditation. They are never in a hurry to be somewhere, they are never worried, and they don’t have goals. They always seem to enjoy where they are and what they have.

I wish we humans could be like them, too. Slow, cogitative, and relaxed. Never in a hurry to accomplish something, never worried, and always cheerful.

So, what would you prefer? Be a snail in the next life, or a slow human in this?


6 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Snails

  1. I can’t say that I would ever like to be a snail. I live in a place where people believe a life that is filled with busyness proves they are successful and therefore that means they are happy. Maybe some of them truly are. I am nobody’s judge. Personally, I am most content when I have time to sit quietly and breathe. I try to do that as much as possible. Some cherries would be nice, too. Lucky snails if that is their diet.

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