Eighteen: The End of Innocence by Sudham

Eighteen the end of innocenceWe’ve all been through it, and we remember it as one of the most cherished part of our life – the time when our teenage gives way to adulthood, the time when we try to live out our whimsies. This is a phase out of which none of us comes out clean. But then, as adults, we all term it as ‘experiences.’

It is 1990 and Raghu & Aadi, both teenagers, are high on life. One day Raghu starts getting mysterious blank calls, an ordeal of which brings him in touch with Shalini – a girl from his coaching who has also been getting similar calls. Before they could find out the culprit, they find themselves deep in love. And then the story takes you through the fun and anxiety of being a teenager.

Eighteen the end of innocence is a story of each one of us.

Eighteen the end of innocence is a story of each one of us. I’m sure there is some part of you in there. I found mine in Raghu & Aadi.
For me, the book was intriguing and a page turner. Keeping in view his audience, the author has intelligently kept the language simple and sentences short. One can easily finish it in a single sitting.
My only grouse with the book is proofreading. Between the pages, I felt that the book requires more editing. I found problems with the language like exclamation marks not doing their job, dead adjectives, and sometimes the punctuation was not right. I feel better editing could have led the book to another league.

I highly recommend the book to the lovers of YA Fiction. I think they would not want to miss this compelling read.

My rating: ★★☆☆☆


2 thoughts on “Eighteen: The End of Innocence by Sudham

    1. I believe every story is an author’s work of love. But it is important for the authors to read their own work from the perspective of the audience. Else the readers have to do all the hard work to understand what the author is trying to say.

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