Someone who writes regularly is a writer, so I am a writer. Someone who has published a work is a published-writer, which I’m not. By day, I am an electrical engineer, and rest of the time I like to perceive myself as a person with creative inclination.

I love few things: I love the musty smell of books; I love the dance of a fountain pen when it kisses a paper; I love to walk in nature, alone, because walking spurts the creative fluids of my brain. And over the weekends, I love the bitterness of beer on the floor of my mouth.

Bored already?

Maybe we should touch base over a mug of beer.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. I saw your blog about bookadda. Read it. Have had some not so good experiences with them but nothing as bad. Still worth it for the cheap books. Though I do often compare book prices with flipkart. Rarely flipkart is cheaper. I love reading and writing too, though reading more than writing as its easier. Liked yours blogs on the pen and starting to write one. Best wishes.

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  2. you are doing a good work sunil, keep it up, now may i know are you earning money also by doing this, means by sharing your views about book, if yes, how? Please tell me, because i am also passionate about books like you.



    1. Thanks for the comment Vinay. This blog is just a tiny space where I could rant my heart out, nothing more. I don’t make a penny out of it, and I don’t have any such intentions for the future, either.


  3. Awesome website..siR..specially cover page..:)
    it completely reflects your personality..!!
    and your photography ping my own kida of photography..


  4. Thanks for your recent follow, and I look forward to also reading your blog. I am a book lover myself; although, lately I feel as if I have simply become an “ebook hoarder” due to other priorities stealing my reading time! I definitely have a stack of reads to finish. Lol. Keep writing, and keep reading. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. I really liked what you wrote. Even I had the habit of hoarding ebooks, but then I realised paper is better. So my kindle is somewhere in the house catching dust.

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