Review Policy


As of now, I’ve stopped taking requests for book reviews. Thank you for your kind consideration!

I’m honoured that you’ve considered me for reviewing your precious work. Lately, I’ve been getting more review requests than the amount of books I can possibly read, so I made a review policy. Please go through these points before requesting for a book review so that it becomes easy for me to say yes to you.

1. Printed Books Only.

eBooks are easy to exchange but they are strenuous for me to read.

2. Send via Govt. Speed Post Only.

Private courier facility is not available at my place. Sometimes authors send books via some courier and I’ve to travel to get them from the courier office, which is not always feasible for me. So please bear with this.

3. Review time is three to four weeks from the date of receipt of the book.

Please don’t compel me to read & finish it as soon as I receive the book. I understand that your book is your work of love and you want the feedback as soon as possible, but please allow me some time.

4. Return of Books:

Once I finish your book, I’m willing to pack and courier it to your desired destination, only if you pay for the courier charges.

5. Intent of Review:

My reviews are unbiased BUT they are certainly influenced by my taste, my knowledge on the subject, and the mental state I’m in. Of course, language is my first criteria. Language has to be good because, first of all, I read for aesthetic bliss.


I hope I haven’t asked too much of you. If you agree to adhere to these points, please use the contact page to ask for a review.