The World is a Tavern

In this tavern I’ve been drinking for years.
Red, blue, and sometimes orange.
Sometimes it’s faith that I drink.
But never blood.

A Golden Leaf of Autumn

autumn leaf

I am a golden leaf of an autumn,
Wind made me fall and abandoned me broken.
When you are weak, you are first to fall,
When you are strong, you stand every storm.

Each song has a melody, every melody has a time,
I am a melody of the wind, a song so fine.

I am shade of the tree, from which I am now free,
I am mighty luck, hard-pressed in a tattered book.

A wind shall take me away, or shall I creak under the feet of men,
A child shall play with me, and make a crown for the hen.

In the next spring my clan shall grow,
On my stem shall come leaves like a rainbow.

You see my story is green, my story is golden,
Sometimes I feel, I am so much a human, so much a human.

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